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Hoof Care & Farrier Supply / HOOF-it® is proud to provide outstanding hoof care and farrier products with a global reputation for quality and durability. Whether you’re a farrier, hoof trimmer, veterinarian or horse owner, we have the tools you need to keep your horse’s hooves sound and healthy. Our catalog includes equine products that have been personally developed, tested and hand selected by knowledgeable hoof care specialists to ensure you receive the best quality products for your horse hoof care, including Natural Flex Horseshoes, F. Dick Hoof Knives, and the best hoof stands on the market today the HOOF-it® Blacksmith Hoof Stand.

Happy Horses and Customers

Farrier Tool

HOOF-it® PostCradle

"Great product, real time saver not having to switch" -Matt Frost Farrier

"Great product. Horses seem to like it also and their hoof stays nicely in place when placing the stand knob to the inside".-David E Paul

Smart idea. Works great in my Hoofjack base" -Simon Fisher

Hoof Stand

Loving it!

"I love it, and so do the horses. Time-saving and back-saving". -Rebecca Wyatt

"Absolutely loving this postcradle. So much easier to just have one thing and not have to switch out! The horses really like it too, and find it very comfortable to rest on". -Robin Nafshi

Carriage Horses

Natural Flex Horseshoes

“Since my purchase of Cinderella Carriage Company in downtown San Diego I have had my horses shod with the HOOF-it Composite Shoe. In the past three years I have had no lameness problems related to concussion or horse slipping on the asphalt as the composite shoes aid in traction in all weather conditions.” - Mr. Jieiter Cinderella Carriage Company

Hoof Care and Farrier Supply Products - No More Lame Excuses™


HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand - No More Lame Excuses™

The HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand makes hoof trimming and horse shoeing easier on you and the horse. Our modern design takes you from post to hoof cradle in a single step without the inconvenience of switching out parts. Your horse will enjoy the comfortable support of a shock absorbing cradle and post that is covered in rubber material, and a hoof stand that suits the need of any size and/or breed.

plastic horse shoes

HOOF-it® Natural Flex Horseshoes - No More Lame Excuses™

HOOF-it® Equine has a global reputation for providing an outstanding alternative horseshoe option. We offer a plastic horseshoe that provides excellent shock absorption combined with a therapeutic hoof support. This shoe is wonderful for sport horses, and horses that may need extra therapeutic support. Natural Flex Horseshoes can be nailed or glued, and are available in US horseshoe sizes 00 through 10.

farrier tools

Attention Carriage Horse Operators - We are bringing back the draft horseshoe sizes!

To continue our efforts in making sure our customers are completely satisfied, we have taken strides to answer the many requests to once again produce the HOOF-it® Natural Flex™ horseshoes in larger sizes of 5/6, 7/8 and 9/11, which are also not currently offered by any other company. The production of those sizes will be initiated here in the US by Spring 2017!

hoof repair supplies

Hoof Repair - No More Lame Excuses™

We offer terrific repair options for hoof resections, quarter crack patching, hoof wall repair, and foal extensions, as well as the option of polyurethane hoof repairs.

The HOOF-it® Commitment

Our commitment is to keep your needs at the center of our business, and your interest in high-quality hoof care as the focal point of all our business decisions. HOOF-it® Technologies employs experienced professionals to ensure quality solutions to hoof care issues.

Hoof Care & Farrier Supply, LLC is located in beautiful Minden, Nevada. We are proud to serve as the primary distributor of HOOF-it® Technologies in America.